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Quanzhou ha ha network technology co., LTD£¬Is a company committed to provide enterprises with comprehensive online advertising company and its products and services network¡£
Products include£º
Trill blueVCertification program¡¢
Circle of friends¡¢
Search engine promotion optimization¡¢
The public mall development¡¢
Enterprise website construction¡¢
Small program development¡¢
appSoftware development, such as network business advisory service planning and operations¡£
We in line with the aims£º"To build a full range of customer satisfaction"¡£
At present the main service in quanzhou market£¬For all have demand of the company£¬Planning and provide market solutions£¡

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Address£º Quanzhou city in fujian province ping mountain cloud valley okanagan valley area23Commercial building202Room

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